lunch at the diamond

1:37 PM

cream silk and satin gillet from Mental, top from E-vie, skirt from Penshoppe, shoes gifted from the US, mixed media necklace from Aizylym

Some of you guys have been asking why I haven't posted too many outfit shots lately. Aside of course from the obvious lack of time, I don't really step out during the weekdays (unless I have a project/meeting) because I work from home. That, and my closet is either getting boring, I need to shop a bit more (if I have the moolah, which I don't yet)... oh well.I'm sure the jumbled pile contains unsung treasures there somewhere... I shall let you know.

Earlier today me and Vanessa had lunch with the nice and hilarious Sir Dwaxz over at Diamond Suites and Residences, which his family owns, among other things. He was gracious enough to buy us lunch as I was scheduled to do voiceover recording for their company this afternoon. The food in Diamond is always sensational and I always look forward to dining there...molto grazie Sir Dwakz!  

Mucho thanks as well to Tita Dang, my boyfriend's mom, for these shoes she gave me last Christmas. Told you her taste is awesome.

Before I forget, thank you FaceCebu for choosing me to be their site's Face of October. Don't know if I deserve all the accolades written here, but thanks much anyway. Check out the feature here.

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  1. Wow babe your future mom in law bought you those boots?! Impeccable sense of style then!awesome! Im really loving this pink haircolor.:) another great outfit babe!

  2. Love your outfit, Eden, and the hair colooooor!!!

    Congrats on the feature!! well-deserved!! :)

    -Nina of

  3. love it!!!!! love the shoes the top, the entire outfit!!!
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)

  4. I super love your hair and outfit, eden!:) oh and hi van!! hee :)

  5. eden! your shoes are impeccable :) love this look! and congrats on the feature eden :)

  6. beautiful pics!!!! i'm following you!!if you like mine,do the same!!!!

  7. OhEm! So honored to receive a comment from one of the best blogger in Cebu! YAY! :)) Hope we can be blog friends! :))


  8. lahi ra ang face of cebu uy! haha. ill see you on monday! :)

  9. Im back eden. thanks for the comment on my blog. Hahah. i just found out we have a common friend. :Glen Libradilla?

  10. Hi and thanks for your lovely comment in my blog!!

    you have an amazing style, blog and hair!!! WOW, love it!!

    I follow you sureee!!! hope you can follow me too pleaseee :D

    kisses from

  11. Wow! You look faboulous!! :) Wonderful look and congrats for beeing featured. Follow you now. Would love you to follow me too :)

  12. im so loving your outfit babe :)) and i think i can see a face on your knee on your first photo . i knooow weird , i thought its a tattoo :D hahha! LOL

  13. cool outfit love the top!! thnx so much 4 following im following you back :) & thnx 4 the comment <3

  14. Love this look :)You look great!
    Love Lois xxx

  15. For sure, you've got some good clothes hidden inside your closet.

    I've set my eyes on some clothes from your posts. (blogger swap) XD


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