MAC Glitter and Ice Launch in Cebu

12:23 PM

testers from the Glitter and Ice holiday collection. everything's shimmery and gorgeous

guests taking swatches and sampling the testers from the Glitter and Ice collection

cute ni Johnny Weir! out and proud!
hats off to the models for doing a good job skating. loved how the male model looks a lot like Johnny Weir haha
with my friends Kristine, Dominic and Mac
 THE Jigs Mayuga and Kelly Misa. Can't begin to tell you how nice and approachable they totally were. Made my day!
thank you MAC for the freebies! yay! MAC lipstick in Such Flare and Dressed to Dazzle Dazzleglass, all from the Glitter and Ice Holiday collection
DIY cutout top, leather shorts from Ace Eboutique, shoes from Asianvogue Shop, gifted clutch and metal cuffs from Forever 21

Everybody's favorite make-up line has finally touched base in the Queen City of the South!

Ardent MAC fans here in Cebu can now finally breathe a sigh of relief as they are now able to shop the brand sans shipping costs and long, drawn-out delivery times. The brand loved the world over is now officially here in Cebu via Rustan's in Ayala Center-Cebu. Everyone can now have immediate dibs over  MAC's entire collection of cosmetics and make-up tools, as well as be up-to-date with the latest capsule collections from the brand. No need to wait and drool on the internet over new and exciting things from MAC--it simply takes a walk over to Ayala to check it out!

What better way to open doors in Cebu than to pay homage to it's most latest collection? Big kudos to Jaja and April of Bigseed Media and Marketing Solutions for throwing the incredible "Glitter and Ice" media and VIP gathering, inspired of course by MAC's 2011 holiday collaboration with fabulous skating icon Johnny Weir. The collection was every bit as charming and fabulous as Weir himself! 

Cebu is bound to get a lot more exciting this 2012 for us make-up enthusiasts now that MAC is finally in town. :)

Thank you Jaja and April of Bigseed for the invite! Much love ladies xx

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  1. Hi Eden! thanks for dropping by my blog. Wow, it's so great to know other Cebuana bloggers. I don't update my blog as often as I wanted to because of work :( My blog is my outlet and de-stresser. lol. Hope to see you around. Cebu's a small place, you know! More power to you Eden! =)


  2. Super kabog your DIY, Eden!! :) I love it! ♥ You look so great! And yay to that MAC launch, the brand we've always loved. See you soon!


  3. O my! love your top Eden!


  4. i LOVE your DIY top! and im so jealous, saw your pics with PAX! ako naman next! :P


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  5. i dont know how to apply make-up but i sure am glad that mac is finally here!

  6. the diy top is to die for! it's sexy yet subtle. i love! :)

    happy new year eden! :)

  7. loving your diy outfit eden! you look so gorgeous always! :D

  8. the top is a DIY? :)oh my galing!!!! :D love this top eden makes you look o so sexy!!!

  9. Happy new year love ;) I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT! FIERCE <3

  10. The DIY Top looks way better in person! Love Dominic's Rosary necklace! I miss you guys! Happy New Year!


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