The Tribe: #FashionBA Detroit Blogger Brunch

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"Find your tribe. Love them hard" is what that popular Instagram/Tumblr post says. I've had various groups of people I called my "tribe" from the past few years, but they are, of course, thousands of miles away from me, all the way across the Pacific. I started my own blogger family back in the day, and while I still really do love them hard, can't really call them my own.since I'm not there anymore. :( So, what's a girl who moved far, far away from home to do?

Move on, put on a big smile, and try to find a new tribe, of course. Read on after the jump about my meetup experience with the fabulous ladies of Detroit's #FashionBA ! 

Prior to moving here, I already knew Metro Detroit had a few ladies making waves in the fashion scene as bloggers, but I didn't know just how many fabulous ladies there are already here-- and they're all very, very fabulous (and kind)! Through the initiative of Jordan of Lil Miss JB Style, a lot of us finally got to meet up for brunch (of course) and get to know the personalities behind the faces.

Here's some stills from that day, basically (photography by moi).

My Forever21 sunnies are pretty picturesque, no?

Dana of The Closet Confessional, Bruna of Style Mile, Alexis Kelly and Sammie Schneider

Leah V, Style Trifecta, Madiina of Wild Halo, Courtney of Closet Fashion Fix, Jordan of Lil Miss JB Style, Grace of Color and Grace

Toasted Oak Grill and Market in Novi was sew pretty and brunch-appropriate! :)

I believe this was Jordan's order. Yum.

Me and my lil boo boo (I never leave home without him lol)

Larita of LALA Trips. I love her!

...I'm pretty short. lol. no comment!

it maybe was not a good idea to stand next to Dana, who is ridiculously tall. haha

Mel of Mafia Mel and the gals of Style Trifecta! Spell fabulous. 

Madina of Wild Halo, Alexis of That Chic Lex, and Bruna of StyleMile. How pretty are these three?!

My main and my baby boy. Always with me. hehe :)

And here you go, the inspiring gals all over Metro Detroit, in no particular order (I would like to thank the beautiful Bruna  for meticulously putting this list together! ): 

Dana Frost – The Closet Confessional &; Dana Frost Styling
Alexis Kelly – That Chic Lex
Madina Elder – Wild Halo
Grace Liang – Color and Grace
Jordan Blackwell – Lil Miss JB Style
Courtney Camp Miarka – Closet Fashion Fix and The Styled Life
Leah Vernon – Beauty and The Muse
Larita Triplett – LALA Trips
Aleesa, Char and Taria – styleTRIFECTA
Sammie Schneider – Sammie's Channel
Jordana McVey – Jordana Paige
Melissa Hill – TrendyMii
Nailah Ali – The Moda Intersection
Sara Leggett – Sookie Spartan

I'm so glad to have met a new blogger tribe, all awesome, all having something  amazing and unique to bring to the table. Can't wait to get to know them even further and possibly working with more of them in the future! xx

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