Detroit Garment Group x Reel Clever Films Industry Feature

3:00 PM

As some of you guys may know, I've been grinding pretty hard every day juggling three things: being a full-time mom to Dallas, maintaining this blog (and trying to do new things with it if possible!), and trying to jumpstart and boost Reel Clever Films, the small video production business I started with my husband . It is still in the earliest stages and a lot of things need to be DONE.  Juggling my career goals and keeping my husband and baby boy happy, it's been a predictably slow start. I feel like we're still light years from that big "break" so to speak, but hey, I'm optimistic. #riseandgrind, right?

Awesome news trickles in pretty slowly for most startup entrepreneurs, but occasionally you will receive opportunities that make you feel like dancing. For us, it was the chance to collaborate with the prestigious Detroit Garment Group, a respected institution in the Detroit fashion community. They are a powerful nonprofit that seek to empower the city and cultivate Detroit talent through creating job opportunities, providing training and education, and many more. We will be collaborating with them for a big project come next month, so you'll just have to wait and see for that!

They were kind enough to feature us on their company blog where we discussed a bit of who we are and why video is important for any business. Thank you, Lindsey Alexander and the rest of the DGG team for the opportunity! Check out our feature, as well as a look on other top Detroit fashion personalities, here. 

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