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Do you think it is ever too early to think about the holidays? Back in the Philippines, malls start selling Christmas decor and radio stations start playing Christmas songs as early as the first week of September. I kid you not! Our country does love the holiday season a big deal, haha. Now, I  don't  usually go all out with "holiday dressing" like most gals- sure, I'll buy a couple of sequined items here and there - but recent experience has me believing that we should have at least one or two really special dresses for those spontaneous yet really grand holiday parties and other special events. Take this recent formal dress ball I hosted recently - I had nothing to wear until the very last minute that I thought I was going to suffer from a mini heart attack! Note to self: always have a fancy dress stashed somewhere!

Now, my regular tyle rules apply to whenever I pick a formal dress: 1) as minimal embellishments as possible; 2) black, if the occasion lets me get away with it; and 3) try to avoid frills if at all possible (except for certain exceptions, lol). I partnered up with Canadian dress site to find out what some of my top options are for holiday dressing for this year - nothing over the top (except for the 4th dress for events that call me to channel my inner Beyonce!) , and gorgeous, timeless dresses I can wear over and over again for years to come.

Make sure to check them out for other sweet minimalist dress options, Toronto prom dresses, and other special occasion needs!

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