Detroit X NYFW

9:21 PM

If you ask any fashion girl what THE dream is, I think everyone would be unanimous about New York Fashion Week. You know what I mean by the dream - the ultimate highlight to anyone's career; the ultimate sight to see, the ultimate #fashiongoal. It happens like clockwork every year as all eyes are glued to New York City and how it basically sets the stage for all the trends for the upcoming year. Like what Miranda Priestley said in THAT scene we all remember from the Devil Wears Prada, it affects everyone (even if you don't consciously think it affects you). Economies are moved, companies rise and new talents emerge, and trends are very much set. Again, NYFW jumpstarts it all every single year. 

Now, we may not be able to personally be there for the action (someday, though!), but who says we can't celebrate all that glitz and glamour right here in our home turf? I had the chance to collaborate with some of my blogger girls for a New York Fashion Week special, Detroit fashion blogger style -- see more photos after the jump!

L - R : me, Melissa Hill, Jordan of Lil Miss JB Style and Leah of Beauty and the Muse

Photography by Scott Mitchell of Worldiction Arts
Videography by Nigel Agboh

Together with Melissa, Jordan and Leah, we're all about NYFW this week, highlighting our favorites, talking about what we love and look forward to the most, and just interpreting NYFW street style in our own way. Excited? We are too! Keep you updated this week!

Thank you to Scott of Worldiction Arts and Nigel Agboh for the chance to work with you guys!

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