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#NYFW is absolutely in full swing, and we're already getting our fill of the upcoming summer trends for next year. I definitely love what I've been seeing from the shows, and a lot of my favorites didn't disappoint. I should try to showcase some of my favorites here!

As mentioned a couple of posts ago, I had the opportunity to celebrate NYFW right here at home with some of the most fabulous fashionistas in Detroit, and today (and in the next upcoming days), I have the honor to feature these amazing ladies right here on the blog. It's so fun having them here, I figure I should probably do this a little bit more often (give other bloggers a lot of love, I mean!). 

To kickstart the series, I would love for y'all to get to know Detroit's premiere plus-size blogger and my dear friend and collaborator, Leah V of Beauty and the Muse. Leah is one of the first bloggers I dutifully followed when I got here in Metro Detroit, and I'm honored to be able to call her my friend. She is as real as real can get, with fantastic style to boot. She owns her body and she owns her style. Girl is always killing it!

Read after the jump to find out more about this fierce fashionista!

1) Name, Blog and Hobbies?
Leah V., style blogger with Beauty and the Muse and YouTube channel Leah V. Daily. Hobbies: Avid Walking Dead watching, clearance shopping, and pretending to runway walk in random clothes as I’m cleaning the house. Oh, I also write cool stories.
2) What was the inspiration/story behind your look?
With every outfit I always start with a concept. And initially, I had one in mind. I ransacked all of my go-to stores, but what I envisioned just wasn’t happening. So this cool designer, Alua Aumade from Boston, contacted me about these dope neck-pieces made of fabrics from Africa. He asked me to build an outfit based on his jabot (the neck-piece I am wearing in the photo). I told him hellz yeah! The look I went for was majestic.

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3) How would you define your style?
I get asked this question a lot and I give a different answer every time. If I say I’m glam or I’m goth, I feel as though I’ve boxed myself into a certain category. I don’t care much for confinements. So I’ll say this, with my style I always go for detail and some sort of ‘wow’ factor. Style is, for me, becoming a character.   
4) Who are your style icons?
I am such a rebel, but I really don’t have any icons per se. Back in the day, I would’ve said Gwen Stefani because I went through the ‘pretty punk’ stage and black nails. Now that I’ve grown into myself I don’t have any. Now, I do admire Rihanna’s fearless since of style. How she just wears what she wants unapologetically and despite
her critics.

leah rashad, beauty and the muse, plus size bloggers

7) Who is your fave designer?
Betsey Johnson. All of her clothes look like a high-fashion child’s dream world.
8) Whose show are you most looking forward to this year?
I am looking forward to the underdogs of fashion: the Project Runway show

detroit fashion blogger, fashion ba

9) What do you like about NYFW more, the runway shows or the street style and why?
I’d say the street style, because you never know what you’re going to get out there
Follow Leah on IG: @lvernon2000

More than her obviously standout style, I love the kind of energy Leah always brings to the table - vibrant, extremely confident, and unapologetic. Girlfriend is never not fierce.

Now that you've gotten to know Leah V a little bit more, I know you love her style as much as I do. Comment below on your thoughts about her look! :)

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