A Year Short of 30

8:00 AM

So... I turned 29 last Sunday. Sincerest apologies for a week-long hiatus and for skipping out on the festive fare here on the blog (big birthday announcement! giveaways! maybe next year when I actually hit 3 decades?) - a terrible cold kicked in exactly the morning after my very low-key birthday dinner, and there I was, spending a week feeling like my body has serious hatred towards me, eating nothing but soup and literally doing nothing but watch Empire (how GOOD is that show, though?). I normally freak out when I'm not on the grind, but it felt good to not think about goals and work for a week.

Funny thing is, a few years ago, the week after my birthday looked exactly like this (sick, plastered on my couch, TV marathon, the works) , except that it was proooooooobably because actually I had a week-long hangover. As you can probably guess, I liked to go pretty big back then. To think I only had one tiny drink over dinner this year, and I get insanely sick. Price of getting old, right? Our bodies start to get back at us with a vengeance. Ugh.

So this is me, now. A year before 30. The more I think about it, the more ridiculous it sounds to me. I was literally just 23 not too long ago, and now its like, 6 years later? Holy crap, where'd the time go?! Do excuse me if I'm getting weirdly introspective (I am every year on my birthday, lol) here, but the impending 3-0 always carries the weight of expectation and anticipation of how your life ideally should be going, and that's always a freakishly intimidating thought. That being said, I literally have a year to get my shit together, if that's the case!

oversized varsity sweater from Marshalls | Forever 21 pleather skirt | Steve Madden bucket bag | Enzo Angiolini flats

These days, my life is pretty small and intimate - small family, small videography business, small town, small circle of friends and collaborators. I had, and still have, pretty lofty ambitions where my career is concerned, and though I may for sure not get there by the time I turn 30, I do take comfort in the fact that I am taking small but meaningful strides to get there every single day. No, I don't have an impossibly successful startup (typical millenial route lol) and will not be freakishly rich come next year, but its okay since I'm a firm believer in taking concrete steps. 

Many, many birthday resolutions later, here's something that I hope I'll always be able to do and live by: be a better person each and every single day. Better in every possible way, shape and form. Better towards my goals, better towards other people, and better towards myself. Who knows, maybe I get to reach my "ideal" 30-year-old self next year - I'll have to do a follow-up report then! But with the way things are going, with all the challenges, little victories, and small but remarkable moments in my life right now... I'm perfectly happy where I am. :)

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