we've arrived

10:51 AM

"what the fffff... where the ffffff... $#*@(*(!)!_@!!"

thrifted cable knit jumper and studded boots,  studded shorts from Bimbim Haus, vintage bag. outfit shots by Dred

We've arrived... in Manila, literally! Had the same flight out up north with fellow Cebu fashion bloggers AlexaGizelle and Mildred over the weekend for Bloggers United 2. I know some of you are pretty excited to see our shots and hear about the experience and all that-- will discuss more in the days to come, but definitely it was greater than we imagined and so much more. I always leave a part of my heart whenever I meet my awesome blogger friends up in Manila. I can't wait to see everyone again!

I gotta thank the ladies for bearing with me through the perils of the flight-- I am admittedly the WORST person to fly with. I always pack too much, i live practically on my phone so I can't pay too much attention, and I panic and cuss too much when things go wrong or crazy. Thankfully they were there, so cute and colorblocked and all, to help me get my sh*t together. You guys are adorabs!

Hit up Mary Grace at Serendra for a bite to eat upon arrival--thoroughly enjoyed the salmon and cream pasta just the way I always do when I'm in this city. Gahd I love Manila!

More posts about Bloggers United 2 coming up--stay tuned! xx

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  1. aww the post says, "we've arrived" but you're all back in cebu :( i miss!

  2. i sometimes linger a little bit longer than I'm supposed to because of your awesome taste in music. :)

  3. Aww looks like so much fun!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip :D

  4. Eden! it was nice meeting you! I love your studded shorts here, I wanna steal it! Haha


  5. i miss you sister! hope to see you soon! :)

  6. your pictures look really great and I totally envy the experience you had at the Bloggers United. I'm sure it was a lot of fun!can't wait for more posts about it!

    yah, it sucks how we still don't have a community here in CDO..I'm still new to the blogosphere and I don't know how to start building that community, I'm not even sure I'm supposed to be the one initiating it.haha

    followed your blog btw. I hope to meet more fashion bloggers from Cebu :D

  7. Hello Eden, love your whole outfit here pati nung sa BU. Check your fb inbox dun ko send yung link. I hope to see you again :D
    ♥ Maria

  8. i love the pictures!

    enjoy your stay in Manila

  9. love your ripped denim shorts here :) anyway your blog is darn cool i'm definitely following you now.


  10. AWW Nice photos <3 Hi Eden :) I got so hiya so I wasnt able to come up and say hi :3 I so love your headband that day If only I could buy it off of you right away! haha

  11. Ang fierce lang ng airport outfits!

  12. Ka fashyoown ba mo travel oi!! :))
    The shots are awesome! :))
    Can't wait for the photos gwaps!

  13. I was at BU until 5pm but didn't see you. :( I won the Accessorize contest! :D Haha. Hope to catch you next time. Or if I end up going to Cebu in January, maybe even then? :)


  14. Funny captions! :D Hahaha! Finally met you guys, although I was running around and taga abot lang ng red mango coupons etc hahaha :D Sorry I wasnt able to go to the sunday thing at malaaayo din talaga ako sa manila :/ Cant wait for another round with the cebu bloggers, love you guys! :)

  15. Love all your airport fashion outfits! Hope you guys had fun in Manila :)


  16. Eden, ang shorts lang akoa ha. Hahaha! Dugay na gyud ka dumot ana. XD

    And you all look so fasyon! So apt. We've arrived! XD


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