Goodbye to the Thigh High

6:00 AM


Bomber jacket, Zara | black dress, thrifted |bucket bag, Steve Madden | thigh-high boots, Wild Diva | tassel necklace, New York and Co. 

After months of waiting and several freak snowy days in between, spring has really finally landed in my part of the Midwest. And I'm not talking about the 10-degree false alarms, I'm talking about sunny, fairly cool 50-to-60-degree weather, which is absolutely just perfect in my book. You're not sweltering and sticky with sweat, and yet, the sun is completely out and casting lovely rays. Though I miss crazy hot beach weather in the Philippines, nothing is more lovely than the perfect spring day. :)

Since winter is finally bidding adieu, these boots would also have to go for now. They've been my companion almost every time I'm out in the winter, as they feel perfectly dry and insulated, and I think just a tad bit too hot for spring. 

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