Rad For Some Plaid

12:08 AM

Plaid Moto Jacket, Bongo | loose satin tank, Abound | bucket bag, Steve Madden | leather lined pants, Romwe | Tika2 burgundy faux croc skate shoes, Topshop 
A friend of mine back in the Philippines jealously quipped at one of my photos saying, "aren't you just sooo lucky being able to wear leather jackets without having your pits sweat buckets!"(and no, she wasn't rapping when she said this, haha). I guess you can call this my little tradeoff for missing out on all the beach and island hopping adventures back in the tropics. I know I'm missing out a lot, but hey, at least I get to rock a leather jacket in April. Take that, friend (haha, hear my bitterness talking?)!
On another note, I'm feeling steadily grand these days-- starting to meet creatives and other bloggers in Metro Detroit, steadily working on the groundwork of our revived video and film company, and my baby is doing better with sleep training and mobility milestones. Life's a daily challenge but hey, gotta be thankful for the small things.
Hope you're all doing great! xx

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