Photo Diary: Toronto, September 2014

1:21 PM

random streets and scenes, downtown Toronto
Photos by Thaad and Eden Sabolboro

Ah... Toronto. It is downright impossible NOT to fall in love with this beautiful and extremely vibrant city. I'm all about big cities that put arts and culture at the forefront, and Toronto is definitely one of those places where there's just so much of that to experience. After having the opportunity to visit the lovely city twice over the past year, I feel pretty blessed to have witnessed a smorgasbord of cultural experiences that I feel has personally enriched me. And not only that, the food and the people are always awesome. Toronto, I'll always miss you!

Early in September of last year, my heavily pregnant self went along with my husband and my brother and sister-in-law to attend the Toronto International Film Festival for the very first time, which has always been on my bucket list as an aspiring filmmaker. I'll be reserving actual photos of my festival experience along with a few survival tips in another blog post (trust me, you'll need it!), but for now, I'd like to share some of the snaps we got of Toronto-- it just comes more and more alive with every angle. :)

More over at Instagram @edeninthemitten -- see you there!

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