#WipeforWater for Earth Month with Neutrogena Naturals and Influenster

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Happy Earth Day, my loves! Quick question -- how many of you guys woke up today and was able to confidently say to themselves, "I saved 35 GALLONS of water this month!"? Well, I was, and I've never been happier with myself! With the serious drought situation going on in California and other parts of the world, now is the time to be water-conscious more than ever, for sure!

How exactly did I save that much water, you ask? For Earth Month, I had the amazing opportunity to partner with Influenster and Neutrogena Naturals for the #WipeforWater Campaign, pledging to clean my face with only these all-natural wipes for 7 days in a row. Yes, the notion of not rinsing your face for a whole week seems daunting of a challenge at first, but after finding out that we waste 5 whole gallons of water a day just by washing our faces, I knew I had to step up to the challenge!

Safe to say I survived, and nary a blemish, to be completely honest! I was a little hesitant at first since I HAVE to wear a ton of makeup to work, but it worked out wonderfully. My face felt consistently wiped clean from day 1 till the end. Made of 100% renewable fiber, the Neutrogena Naturals makeup remover wipes are clinically proven to remove every last makeup residue-- waterproof mascara included. Neutrogena is also cruelty-free! They were super gentle on my skin and didn't feel drying at all. Pro-tip, though: you might have to use two wipes for those heavy-makeup days. Don't forget to follow with your favorite moisturizer!

If I survived not rinsing my face for 7 days, you would, too! Take the challenge now over at WipeforWater.com and do your part in helping conserve earth's water-- Neutrogena also pledges to donate $1 for every person who pledges to do the challenge.

Make this year's Earth Day extra special by joining in the #WipeforWater movement! :)

Disclaimer: I received the products complimentary for testing and review purposes.

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