joyeux anniversaire

11:59 PM

Excuse me while I go cut all the crap and the stress from my life just for one day and just hide out in my cave to watch this video. I woke up to my boyfriend and this video he made for me for our anniversary. I can't ask for anything better.

He also wrote this on my wall: "...You inspire, encourage, and motivate me like no other. I love you and I don't care who knows it."

Can you tell that I've totally woken up to a great morning?

I love you so much, boy. I can't even begin to explain in words just to what extent I feel for you--and you know I try hard enough as it is. I know we're gonna go through so much more battling this long distance together but you should know that I'll always be here.

Happy anniversary baby!

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  1. awww.. such sweet photos naman :) followed you :D

  2. so much sweetness! :) you two look good together.

  3. this post will surely generate a lot of "awww"s and i'm no exception!

    awwwwwww!haha! really sweet, you look great together! happy anniversary! =)

    keep all the love flowing! <3

  4. Awww, you guys look so good together! <3

  5. i officially just died of jealousy. I'm so happy for you, Eed! :)

  6. aaawwwhh! ka shweeet oi!
    you guys stay happy and inlove! ;)

  7. Awwww. You guys are so sweet! Happy Anniversary to both of you! Stay strong. =)

  8. Awww... That's so sweet! He's totally a keeper!!! :)

  9. ka sweeeeeeeet sa relasyoooon:)) lucky youu ♥ and lucky him ♥

  10. Aww that is so sweet! I stumbled upon your blog today, but I think Ive seen it before through Dane's? Love your style, love your hair. rad.


  11. Awwwww! This is really sweet. Saw the video on your facebook wall. This is really love. <3

  12. Wow, time flies. Congrats to both of you!!! Keep it up! I'm proud of you both. :)

    Living proof that not even distance can ruin a relationship this awesome since the beginning. :)


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