leather on leather + mega fashion crew season 2

2:01 AM

thrifted leather biker vest, Justice and Morphine statement shirt with leather sleeves, Levi's CURVE ID jeans, ShopYapi studded black wedges. tenchu Vanessa East for the photos!

I had other outfit shots lined up but I felt like this went perfectly well with my current mood and weather as of late. While it is raining rhinos and hippos here in Cebu these past few days (cats and dogs=understatement), my increasing agitation over a lot of personal things is coming down in torrents as well. Today, in particular, I had a random urge to just hurl the TV at the wall--I'm not strong or mentally unstable or anything, but just sayin'. Not a sunshiney day at all.

With an event-filled weekend coupled with amazing payday sales, I'm hoping my mood looks up. That, plus a whole lot of fried chicken, South Park, and other great TV treats will do the trick.:)

Speaking of great TV, make sure to support your own by checking out Mega Fashion Crew Season 2!

This time around, Gen M aims to find the next top photographer, fashion stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist and female model out of 60 aspiring young professionals. They'll be grouped together in teams of 5 per episode where they'll be given the challenge of coming up with a photo shoot. Fabulous items, a chance to work with MEGA and a whopping P100,000 each awaits the talented winners! Mega EIC Sari Yap, celebrity fashion designer Avel Bacudio and top model Raya Mananquil round up the resident panel.

Make sure to check it out when it premieres this Saturday, 7pm at ETC.:)

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  1. Hello! I like your fierce/androgynous fashion. I'd like to try that out too! But still scared coz it's not in my comfort zone and lack of pieces to achieve the look!

    Thanks for commenting on my post. I like your blog so, I followed you. Weee. Follow me?


  2. awww. so envious. been looking for a leather jacket for quiet a time na. I KNOW, there are lots out there! dunno why I still haven't found and bought one! hihih.

  3. Awww.. i love your jacket and yeah fierce as always \m/^^ Following your great page now. :) Ingat! :)


  4. Ang bangis lang 'te!! Ahlavet!!


  5. You look so chic! love it :))

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Sure I follow you ;) Follow back :DD

  6. you thrifted that jacket!? coolness!!! :) i hope your mood picked up over the weekend ;)


  7. wow... really cool outfit... i havent like visited blogs in a looong time. havent updated, too... and we dont have internet... :D

  8. you look like you're some bad-ass biker chick Eden! love it!
    and you should've joined this ETC show! I'd root for you if you did! hehe

  9. Love the vest so much! For a second it thought it was a jacket! Such a great find! =)

  10. Hey! Thanks for dropping by my blog. The shoes are from Trunkshow. They have it online and it's still 50% off so hurry! I think they don't have it in black anymore; just beige.

    Try watching Community! I'm sure it'll cheer you up. :) Maybe even with Swissmiss + marshmallows!

    x sPam of frou-frou


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